Label: Moshi MoshiRelease Date: 20/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy: AmazonSpotify There are a few things you probably know about the band, (not the genre hip hop from the North African country) Egyptian Hip Hop before even hearing their music. The Manchester band are still in their teens, they have fancy haircuts and they have been ‘hotly tipped’ from pretty much the day they formed. Don’t let any of those things sway your opinion, let the music do that. Having decided to sign to ‘on-trend’ indie label Moshi Moshi rather than one of the begging majors the band are set to release EP, Some Reptiles Grew Wings. With just four songs on show here the bands diversity shines but also their naivety get highlighted, but there is big promise. It opens with the energetic and synth heavy ‘Moon Crooner’. The track features whiny vocals backed up with music you’d generally associate with a Sonic the Hedgehog if there was a level set in 1980’s Germany. Comically named ‘Rad Pitt’ has the sound of early Cure looking into what the future would be like. Vocals are scarce but the beats will get the kids dancing. The funked-up vibe continues as ‘Middle Name Period’ begins. If this had been released three years ago it would have gone down as nu-rave but it’s a lot more intelligent than that. It is a lot more imaginative than anything on the new Klaxons record. Having worked with Sam from Late Of The Pier on their debut single, his influences are at their strongest here. The EP ends with the chilled out ‘Native’, a track that gives off a medieval atmosphere with woodwind instruments and lazy vocals. This is far from perfect but there is a certain charm to it. There’s a good future ahead for these imaginative boys. Photobucket