Label: Young Turks Release date: 12/07/10 Link: Myspace / Official stream El Guincho, on his brilliant sophomore Alegranza!, gave us beautiful sampled and sequenced melodies that were oft related to Panda Bear and was full of different cultures and their sounds, marrying conflicting sounds and styles to create a phenomenal album. His free download put out by Young Turks 'Bombay' shows a more bass orientated sound, but still the very familiar ability to tie in whatever he fancies to create an amazing song using whatever he can find, regardless on time or culture. Where these EP's (this is the first of a series) fit in is to show us that Pablo Diaz-Reixa has more than just the contemporary music styles under his belt – he is actually a pretty competent arranger and he knows his roots. These 5 songs, mostly Cuban, have been around for a while, they are all 50s or before songs and all of the originals I bet sounded nothing like this. What Diaz-Reixa has done is kept his unique style of composition but expanded the space in the sound and settled on just using his South American style. Here we find him not finding it as necessary to build up layer after layer or having to fill every second with lots of sounds, and instead he lets the music breathe, he lets the original songs come through and take the centre stage over his music. The songs themselves are good, ranging from the more upbeat ‘Hindou’ to the slower ‘Marimba’, but all allowing the distinguished sense of fun that Diaz-Reixa has always been able to achieve. This is a great record, a fun one that allows itself to be explored. The music isn’t all crate-digging (some of these artists covered were quite big in their regions in their day), and it’s less about musical discovery (though it’s as good a path as any to go down to find the south American music), it’s about having fun and listening to music that’s new while being old and music that intrigues you. It’s out now on a ltd 1000 only pressing (£4.99 from Boomkat), so get it while you can! Photobucket