The debut single 'Ants', from London based dreamy synth pop band Elephant, is a surprisingly satisfying and thoughtful delight.

Amelia Rivas and Christian Pinchbeck got together at the University of the Arts London and, still in their third year, put together their musical set Elephant. The band now with a new drummer seem to have come from nowhere, yet they are making a great impression on audiences in some of the smaller venues of South London and have been signed on to the innovative label Memphis industries, who have provided us thankfully with the music of the likes of The Go Team and Tokyo Police Club.

The single 'Ants' seems to deal with the damages of a relationship "I'm down and black and I'm blue for you" while still being unable to go back to how things were before "Ants scurry on the floor is this how it was before?" It has an almost touching feel and a slow yet surprisingly playful pace. The vocals of Amelia Rivas who plays keyboards on the track are echoing yet peaceful, and these sit well with the good-natured yet minimalist music of the track. A repetitive electro accordion sound over a basic drum beat flows through the track while Christian Pinchbeck adds some mild yet essential guitar parts in the background. It has a dreamy, slow and absentminded sound and I personally think a warming feel; maybe a track we will see returning in the summer months.

The band has come far from their Camberwell flat and deserve to be regarded as 'hotly tipped' for greatness this year. They're not a party band, but nevertheless atmospheric; an odd mix of lighthearted sorrow. Currently in the studio developing their bedroom based promos; Elephant's debut single is indie synth pop without the annoyance of going so far to be called twee.