Label: Alcopop! Release date: 31/05/10 Website: I had to attend a course just the other day about time management and this covered how ‘eating elephants’ is a known technique for planning your tasks effectively. Now I don’t know if Alcopop! Records have ever heard of this method, but it seems they may have to take it on board soon. Folkestone’s finest, Elephants, seem set to follow in label mates Stagecoach’s footsteps and continue to go from strength to strength, picking up fans in every town they play. Like Coach, they have already pricked the ears of Matthew Horne so expect to hear them on a TV screen near you soon. Having only formed a year and a half ago, it is to their credit that both ‘Strong Arms’ and ‘I Still Remember’ sound so fully formed, surely proof that extensive touring always helps to hone a band’s sound. Sharp indie pop with more than a hint of summer bounciness is the order of the day, and how they excel at it. ‘Strong Arms’ is at once both catchy and charismatic, bringing to mind the best bands from Britpop, especially with the delivery of the vocals, but it also has a playful Dananananaykroyd menace to it. A song designed for festivals, there is plenty of fun backing vocals (“build ourselves a boat”) and a touching chorus of: “and with strong arms I will hold you tight, and make everything alright”. Somewhere in there is a love song buried amidst a burst of youthful energy. The feel-good singalong vibe continues on ‘I Still Remember’, a jagged and rougher sounding side to the band; it is still melodic but seems more atmospheric. The last 40 seconds bring an unexpected bout of amped-up Bombay Bicycle Club-style crunching guitars that suitably end the song in chaotic fashion. With only 100 copies of the single available, each with their own unique Polaroid artwork, it's time you joined the stampede. Photobucket