I always think of instrumental albums as a kind of audio ‘Story in which you are the hero’ thing (remember that stuff? It was awesome, right?) : The scenery is here, all you have to do is wander and think of a tale to create. Night Ice then, the second effort released by Swedish artist Elias Krantz , might lead you were you’ve never been before. And it’s good.

It’s 50mn of a new land, where nostalgia, melancholy and peace coexist (see ‘Allotropes’ and its great solemn bass sound). Night Ice feels like a rollercoaster of various emotions : ‘Sun and Country’, the epic opener and its 7mn 8s pave the way for some hopeful patterns to follow (‘Well I Was Just Thinking’, all dreamy and quiet), while single ‘Tody Motmot’ (with a brilliant video, check it out!), brings a more hypnotic vibe to Krantz’s work. ‘Headland’ closes the surprising journey with atmospheric riffs, synths and a beautiful ending.

Some may call it electro-pop, some may go with krautrock…One thing for sure, Night Ice is brilliant. Simply beautifull. Let’s dream a story, now.