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Emilie Nicolas has one of those voices that is so powerfully exciting that you know exactly where you were when you first heard it. For me, it was in the beautiful June evening sunshine, in the middle of the equally stunning surroundings of Somerset House. Seeing Nicolas entrance that crowd eagerly awaiting CHVRCHES with her ethereal Scandi pop, tinged with darkness, was one of those moments where you're so glad you got there early for the support act.

Her debut album, Like I'm A Warrior, has been available in Scandinavia for quite a while but it's only now that it hits our fair shores. Nicolas is one of the most promising talents in her native Norway but, outside of the Scandipop aficionados, she's yet to really make that splash that she quite clearly deserves in the UK. She masterfully captures the complex emotions that rattle round our brains 24/7 to make songs that feel like they're about to take flight at any moment.

Songs flick between furiously raw emotion and quiet introspection, allowing Nicolas' powerfully intimate vocals to take centre stage, in an instant to create a rich tapestry of sounds and feelings. One of the album's highlights, 'Fail', is very much in the former camp, a violently swelling storm that threatens to destroy everything in its path with throbbing synths and harsh, ticking beats crashing into everything.

It's a chaotic electropop juggernaut that leaves you in a state of awe. Right at the centre is Nicolas' magical vocals, in total command of the chaos surrounding it. It's the perfect encapsulation of the swirling mess of emotions that hit in those teenage years; the album's most memorable line "don't call me lazy / I go down on him daily" a symbol of that time when sex means everything and is everything.

On the other end of the spectrum is 'Us'. Quiet and contemplative, Nicolas' delicate vocals are surrounded by sparse beats, that tick away in the background, and gentle, otherworldly synths. It's a seductive little track that says a lot with very little, bringing to mind some of James Blake's more meditative moments.

As great as those fist pumping emotional juggernauts can be, as seen with 'Fail and 'Put Me Down' which closes the album with skittering beats and pulsing synths that almost sound like alarms ringing through the night, it's when she's at her most introspective where Nicolas really tugs at the heart strings. Album opener 'Nobody Knows' is a beautifully captivating track, full of self-reflection. Once again, it's Nicolas' bewitching vocals that command your attention from the off.

'Grown Up', however, still remains Nicolas' masterpiece. It sits slap bang between the quiet contemplation and the chaotic swirling of feelings, both beautifully melancholic and euphorically emotional. A sentimental track about her father, with its twitchy background FX and warm, floating synths, sees Nicolas bringing up a whole load of emotions to the surface with a real vulnerability in her voice, even as it starts to soar towards the stunning climax. It's a tremendously heartfelt song that it's impossible not to be drawn in to.

Like I'm A Warrior is hopefully the start of something big for Emilie Nicolas outside of Scandinavia. It's an unforgettably emotional piece of work that has the capability to bring you to tears with its sheer honesty and intensity of emotion. There's no holding back here, you need only listen to 'Fail' to understand that Nicolas is ready to let all her emotions come crashing at your like an overbearing wave. Beautifully simple yet emotionally complex, Like I'm A Warrior is an impressive debut that never fails to stir up some deep emotions. This is merely the start for Emilie Nicolas, as you grows and adapts as an artist and as a person, and you'd be wise to keep your eyes and ears peeled for me!

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