When Emmy the Great released her debut, First Love, it was at the height of the UK’s new found love for folk, or anti-folk as some decided to inexplicably label it. Since then there has seen a backlash to some (Mumford & Sons), but many more have gone on to set the bar very high as the world has fallen head over heals for Laura Marling, Bon Iver et al.

This time around Emmy has moved the sound across slightly. Although the same folky twinge is still there, this album offers a variation throughout. Indeed, the fantastically titled opener ‘Dinosaur Sex’ could be straight from Alex Turner’s superb Submarine soundtrack. Albeit with Emmy’s beautiful female voice instead of Turner’s distinctive Sheffield accent.

The themes of the album remain similar to the first, if not slightly more out there. Anybody who follows her on Twitter will know that she actually has a wicked sense of humour and this certainly comes across. After the breakup of her engagement the album became a lot more personal to her, and her personality really shines through.

With so much expectation and then changes to her life during the writing this could have easily ended up the pile entitled “big disappointment”, but instead Emmy the Great has come back with an album worthy of her moniker.