Label: Virgin Music Released: Out now With a cover that could pose as any fantasy-slash-sci-fi movie poster of the 1980s, Empire of The Sun’s Walking on a Dream appears to be yet another throwback to the days of bad hair and worse drug habits. The Australian duo, who have often been compared to NYC superstars MGMT, have a lot to live up to. One thing that becomes clear on first listen of the album is how polished it is. Produced to the last yelp and bleep, ‘Walking on a Dream’ is, indeed, a solid record with all of the glitz and trimmings of a retro tribute. However, unlike Ladyhawke, who can be forgiven because of her I-don’t-actually-give-a-shit attitude, Empire of the Sun are just coming across as a couple of try-hards - and it’s not all down to their carefully arranged hair and makeup, but the actual music itself. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Walking on a Dream’ isn’t bad – far from it. It’s catchy, and it’s poppy, but after a few listens it bears weight and nothing really comes out of it except for the initial impression: shiny, perfected, of-the-now electro-pop. Title track ‘Walking on a Dream’ is slick, sunshine-infused and perfect for a beach holiday, whereas ‘Swordfish Hotkiss Night’ is a more upbeat affair perfect for sweat-and-glitter-slicked dancefloors.  Other highlights include the uber-chilled ‘We Are the People’ and the catchy, neo-rhythmic ‘Half Mast’. The three best words to describe ‘Walking on a Dream’ would be glossy, hip and tiresome. Kind of like the date you’re glad you didn’t take home last night. Rating: 6/10