This week saw a little slice of San Francisco served up in London in the form of the avant-garde, poet rock quartet - Enablers. They’re here to kick off a UK tour and to expose their unique brand of music to an ever increasing audience, so where better to start than the cosy surroundings of the Lexington.

It’s busy tonight and as so often happens with the D.I.Y music scene in London I bumped into a couple people I know drinking outside and enjoying the last glimmers of the summer. In the blink of an eye you’ve had a conversation and missed the first band. In this case Black Octagon who I heard played a decent instrumental set. Damn, note to self - become more efficient and ruthless.

After my previous lackadaisical behaviour I made sure I was at the front to watch the main support which came from the Tunbridge Wells band Headquarters featuring members of Joeyfat and Shit and Shine. They’re a five piece playing the type of music that their label (Unlabel) has become synonymous with; jagged guitars and complex beats layered with southern English accents shouting and talking. It’s a sound I’ve enjoyed listening to for years and still do. They played a great set which the crowd seemed to lap up, the only criticism might be the gaps between songs as unusual tunings were put into place and way to much reverb on one of the main vocals, although I’m not sure if that was their choice or the sound engineers but it did mean that most of the lyrics were indistinguishable.

Next up after a short break was the rather awesome Enablers. These guys are over flowing with an energy that fills every corner of the room and quickly captures the attentions of an expectant crowd. This is their second appearance at the Lexington as it was also the venue of choice for their previous tour. They seem comfortable and at home here chatting to the crowd and joking between songs.

Vocalist and poet Pete Simonelli is like a man possessed tonight. His arms gestating vigorously with every sentence of his deep American drawl. He never stops moving, in fact it seems like he can’t stop moving which adds to the intenseness of his performance. They played a long set with a couple of their ‘hits’ as encore songs but the bulk of the set was filled with songs from their 2011 EP Blown Realms and Stalled Explosions.

The crowd response and hollering out for the encores was enough to cement in my mind these guys totally destroyed. The thing that Enablers prove tonight is that they are great artists and musicians. Their back catalogue of bands is seriously impressive too including the likes of June of 44, HiM and Swans. With that in mind it’s no surprise that they have an aura of self belief and conviction that is so often lacking on these smaller stages. Lets hope they come back to visit us again soon.