Venue: Larmer Tree Gardens, Dorset Date: 11/12/13 September 2009 While everyone at Bestival was getting dressed up as space Muppets and raving until the wee hours, there was a bunch of people with beards and woolly hats at the End of the Road festival having a bloody good wholesome time, drinking cider (organic naturally) and listening to as much lovely guitar music as is humanly possible. This was my third End of the Road out of four, and I just absolutely adore the place. The size is just right (around 5,000) the venue, is perfect with Peacocks, Parrots and magical woods, and the music is always superb even if you aren't completely obsessed with Folk and Americana. If you are, then you'll love it even more. The weekend whizzed by like a dream so I feel like I need to do a list of all the highlights from this year that made me and my friends so happy.. Explosions in The Sky on the first night, cinematic post rock that is best heard in the dark outside. Wandering through the magic forest at night, entirely lit up with fairy lights and with hidden bits of artwork in the trees. Stumbling across a Peep Show that turns out to be you looking at your own bottom. Someone very clever has worked out how to do this with a hidden camera Ex-Rental Hell in the Little White Lies Cinema tent in the early hours. We watched some ridiculous 80's films and some even more ridiculous trailers for ridiculous 80's films. 'Wizards of the lost Kingdom II' for instance. Please please I implore you to look for this on Youtube. The toilets by the main stage being named Downing street, sparking a new catchprase for me and my chums "I'm just going for a champagne reception at Downing Street" Bob Log III - A man in a bike helmet and a catsuit playing immense blues slide guitar and asking girls from the audience to sit on his knee for his rendition of 'Shit on my Leg'. I'm convinced he is some kind of existing celebrity. Ghost stories in the library in the magic wood at night... Leisure Society on the Sunday afternoon in the blazing sunshine doing a gorgeous cover of 'Something' by the Beatles The Low Anthem, refreshingly melancholic, and a good antidote to tweeness Fleet Foxes, the performance was jaw dropping as you can imagine but what I really liked was the way the audience told off lead singer Robin for leaving the teabag in his cup of tea for too long. The greatest band in the world (maybe), Stardeath and the White Dwarves - they had seriously bad electrical problems so we didn't get to see them play. Did anyone else? They looked really good anyway if that counts Dent May and his Magnificent Ukulele - Beach Boys-esque wholesome harmonies from some young Texans. Neko Case's hair & beautifully clear voice. And the fact that she uses the word vag. Hot mulled cider from the Somerset Cider Bus . This is the best nighttime tipple ever ever ever. It gets cold at nights but this will warm you like nothing else. to be drunk quickly before it gets cold. She Keeps Bees sounding like old PJ Harvey albums and taking me back to the days where I wore Doctor Martens. People are wearing them again. Shit. Robin Ince's Bookclub and introduction to books about Killer Crabs I never knew existed. The comedy performance of Gary Le Strange - Namely his song "Is my toaster sentient?" which contains the line "Is my bin a twat?" Knowing that this is the last time I have to listen to Bongo players for 2009 On the flip-side, no festival is perfect so these are things that made me not so happy: Missing Josh T Pearson performing in the woods at 2am, this could have been a magic and memorable moment, and I was watching some shit film with Priscilla Presley and the guy who played Freddie Kruger in it Getting cold cider instead of hot. This was possibly the worst thing that's ever happened to me. So, that's it for festivals this year then. What do all the Bongo Players do for the rest of the year?