Label: Kscope Release date: (06/07/09) Website: Buy: Amazon The album fades in with an oscillating angular synth line before a Motorik drumbeat asserts itself followed by soft somewhat plaintive vocals. Dramatic swells and cymbal crashes create waves of muted tension. So begins what feels like a coherent flowing journey through these 13 tracks of sometimes quite atmospheric, sometimes quite aggressive music. The key word here though is quite. It certainly feels like these guys have spent time on putting together a structured piece of work and everything is in the right place. It’s pretty listenable too and I’ve had it on quite a bit over the last few days. But you know that feeling when you’ve got a night out planned and in your mind it’s going to be great? And you get yourself all worked up and in the end you’re halfway through thinking, oh? Well that’s pretty much what occurred during the course of this review. The album never really seems to hit the heights that would make it top notch. They seem to like biding their time and then dropping in a big dramatic crescendobut then it doesn’t really go anywhere. Sure there’s plenty of enjoyable moments along the way, the sparse clean guitar at the beginning of ''Helped By Science', the strings in 'The Fear Has Gone', the vocal harmonies in 'Be What You Are'. But it never adds up to more than the sum of its parts and the formula of slow beginning with some kind of mildly explosive break towards the end is repeated several times. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy listening to it; in fact I’m sure I’ll keep it on rotation for a while. It didn’t make me jump up and down with excitement though and I just can’t see me digging it out in months or years to come. Rating: 7/10