On Friday the 8th April, Jehan Harding launched his record label, 'Stella Mortos', and thought that it was a great excuse for a party.

I arrived at the Macbeth full of wine and some revolting drink that I bought for ££1.99 called "MD 20/20" for the 10 minute bus journey. I got there just in time for Ghostpoet's DJ set which I spent mingling and drinking Jack Daniels and coke.

After a well received DJ set to an extremely packed out Macbeth, Ghostpoet left the stage to make room for sassy, young pop act FOE, the alter ego of Hannah Clark. She took to the stage with her band (including a certain Mr Crisp- AKA Entrepreneurs who provided guitar and backing vocals) whilst donning a bold pink wig. FOE's set consisted of songs from her phenomenal debut EP Hot New Trash, including the brilliant 'Genie in a Coke Can' and 'Tyrant Song' as well as free download, 'A Handsome Stranger Called Death' and some very promising sounding unheard material, all delivered with swagger that would put MIA to shame.

FOE is definitely a "one to watch" and by this time next year, she could easily be as successful as the likes of Marina and Goulding.

Next up was headline act, Entrepreneurs. His set was as exciting as ever (yes, for an electronic artist, he still manages to be exciting.) I think that it's most probably due to his pure uniqueness that he is so interesting to watch; his edgy jagged productions, his long hair and his slightly haunting voice. He pretty much killed it; the audience seemed pleased anyway and all appeared to be people that actually cared about watch they were seeing. The highlight of his set was most probably 'Fuck Tactics' but that might just be because it's my favourite song of hiss. It would have been even better though if FOE and Ghostpoet had joined them onstage to perform their parts of the song and if he'd have played 'Bubblegunk', but hey, you can't have everything in life.

This evening was a 100% success; the artists blew the roof off the Macbeth, pulled in a huge crowd, it was Hannah's 21st, so I got some of her raspberry topped cake and fun times were had.