Label: Paw Tracks Website: Ha, these are some great crumpled beats! Actually I thought this album was going to be a lot more of a difficult listen. It turns out to be a playful and percussive tour through the world of distorted, looped vocal samples. Half audible voices chant stunted rhythmic mantras, warped by flange, wow and flutter and flanked by infectious short form hip-hop and reggae beats. The album’s title fits perfectly, bringing to mind a bemused being from another planet trawling through late twentieth century music on a shortwave radio. And as an experiment in divining cadences from human speech patterns through repetition it is for the most part successful. It is a work in the vein of the early tape experiments of some modern composers but without taking itself too seriously. It shares this sense of the absurd with a number of breakcore artists; one can feel the joy of playing around with sound. Track titles like “King Tits Womb” and “Scones and Bull” illustrate this attitude. It’s thoughtful, fun, silly, some of it is danceable and I like it lots. Rating: 8/10