Label: Rock Action Release date: 15/11/10 Link: Official Site If you can get past the notion that this isn’t merely a clever ruse to demonstrate what masterful command of the written word Glasgow’s dance/rock crossover darlings Errors possess, this collection of remixes has more to offer than sublime puns. Following on from the success of their second album Come Down With Me (hats off for the title alone) - this ‘celebrity edition’ calls upon the talents of a variety of friends and associates to carefully deconstruct Errors’ idiosyncratic music, taking ideas and fleshing them out, creating something entirely new. It’s immediately refreshing how the remixes consistently offer something rewarding. There’s no lazy rehashing here. It seems that the best results derive from tackling Errors at their most hyperactive. Gold Panda’s transformation of ‘A Rumour In Africa’ completely removes the memorable guitar riff that is central to the appeal of the original incarnation but retains an unshakable familiarity without really being anything like the album version. That is the formula in play for most of this album; while Errors have been doing a good job of appealing to fans of electronic music and indie, this collection of remixes handily helps further boost their credibility in those circles. The perfect example being The Field’s remix of ‘Bridge Or Cloud?’, which takes one of the most appealingly twee songs from Come Down With Me and turns it into a brooding dancefloor-friendly epic, proving that Errors’ have the potential to be electronic heavyweights. The other starring turns of the album come from Mogwai and Wax Stag. Following on from their take on The Twilight Sad’s ‘The Room’, Mogwai’s pulsating, funky version of ‘Supertribe’ further demonstrates their remarkable aptitude for remixing, while Wax Stag’s remix of ‘Germany’, firmly kicks Calvin Harris to the kerb with it’s Jan Hammer-gone-wrong synths. It is quite a different album from Come Down With Me and much of the music here doesn’t fit in with the mould that Errors have created for themselves. But each remix is sufficiently substantial to merit inclusion and there’s more than enough to make this worth listening to. Errors are fortunate to have so many friends willing to breath new life into their music. Celebrity Come Down With Me manages to be neither a direct successor to Come Down With Me or a recklessly compiled assortment of pointless remixes. If you get bored with Come Down With Me this will satiate all your Errors needs until their next album appears. Photobucket