Vocals, for some listeners, are an unknown crutch. We don't necessarily pay any attention to the words being sung or really hear the voice singing them but instrumental music often sounds empty and incomplete. Errors, lack that reassuring human element in their music and thus have been somewhat ignored. This is a shame because their first two albums are fantastic, a break-neck, indie-electro-rock assault that is constantly bracing and exciting. This was the appeal of Errors, they managed to maintain a melody but simultaneously achieved a pace that most bands only manage on their most abrasive songs. They did this without much repetition and managed to sound fresh despite not really doing that much truly original.

Their latest album should be highly anticipated by fans of the group and in part it lives up to expectation. Have Some Faith In Magic doesn't usher in any radical changes from the group. There are the occasional use of vocals as part of the melody but still no real lyrics, it's again just the music. This music is, mostly, very fast paced but it's become somewhat more chilled then it ever was before. In part this is due to a reliance on melody rather than the heavy rhythms of the earlier albums. This changes the feel of the music considerably, it no longer feels urgent and instantly effecting but instead worms its way into the back of the listener's head slowly. The type of music to make somebody nod their head subconsciously rather than head-bang.

Is this a problem? Not really but unfortunately Errors have failed to create anything particularly brilliant with this 'new' sound. The entire album is strong and it's difficult to find a weak point or skippable track but it's also difficult to recall any individual songs. Partially this is because the whole thing is so slick, each song feeds into the next perfectly. There's not a gap to be found anywhere on the album. The entire fifty minutes could almost be described as one single song. It's not just a matter of each track leading into the next without silence but also that there aren't any noticeable changes in tone throughout. This is part of the albums strength, it's a remarkably coherent and consistent work. It feels like an album rather than a collection of songs and it washes over the listener as such. They won't notice new songs being introduced but instead be placated by a relentless assault of pleasant yet exciting melodies.

The other reason, unfortunately, that none of the songs stand out is that none of them are particularly worthy of attention. As previously stated there's nothing below 'good' here but there just isn't really anything that exceeds that level. This makes Have Some Faith In Magic a strong album that will be enjoyed but unfortunately not especially memorable. An album to enjoyed thoroughly for a brief period of time but then ultimately forgotten about.