Label:Unsigned Release date: Out Now Website: Have you ever wandered what the soundtrack to one of your more fascinating and powerful nightmares might sound like? If so, look no further than Esben and the Witch. Named after a Danish fairy tale, the Brighton-based group through their EP 33 have created a brooding yet fantastical atmosphere to match such an outlet. Through subtle, well-blended electronica, the layers throughout tracks build, and the momentum driven forward, generally arriving at a swilling crescendo that appeases the senses. Eumenidies personifies this, with Portishead influence heavily in-tow, especially in the spine-tingling vocals. About This Peninsula starts off like Thom Yorke but arrives in an all together different place, after the mood takes some considered turnings - hidden in an unforgiving mist-filled forest down tracks little explored. A twee analogy perhaps; their tracks just seem to invite a ‘create your own esoteric mental image’. EATW posses a refreshing sound that creeps under the skin, and manages to disquiet, enthrall and remain somewhat mysterious, mostly at the same time. Glorious. Watch out next week for an interview and possibly some further enlightenment. 8/10 MP3: Esben and the Witch - Eumenidies