Having been surprisingly nominated for the BBC's 'Sound of 2011', Esben and the Witch are finally starting to gather mainstream hype; mainly due to their 'quirky' style and the fact that Rachel's vocals are constantly compared to those of Florence Welch.

Violet Cries is a record that has to be listened to with an open mind; if you're expecting to listen to it just like you would the pop tinged and much adored Florence and the Machine album, Lungs, then you've got another thing coming. Esben and the Witch will never work with James Ford or Paul Epworth and that is why people should love them. They are doing their own, incredibly original thing and not trying to please anyone with their music; it almost seems that they try and make it as fucked up and as difficult to listen to as possible. Yes, ok, there are similar artists around at the moment such as Glasser, Zola Jesus and of course Fever Ray, but Esben and the Witch do it well. <'p>

Ok, so maybe their utter brilliance doesn't translate so well on record, but I hope that people look past that and realise what a special band they are. Things such as timing and recording methods could be considered imperfect but I admire the fact that the band seem determined to do everything themselves.

The poetic lyrics, the intense atmosphere and the howled, disturbing vocals are things that are rarely seen in British music and I think these are definitely things that should be praised. Esben and the Witch took risks with this album, some would find it a fear invoking album but I don't see this as a bad thing. At least their music is dynamic, unlike a lot of modern pop music.