For a duo, Coves sure know how to make a lot of lovely noise. Their cover of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Games' is a real treat, and frontwoman Beck has a practised stage presence that oozes grace and sensuality. Of course, that grace flies out the window when she starts singing through a megaphone. It's a nice gimmick, but a gimmick all the same.

Oddly, they're the kind of band that you have to come back to after a break – you might not be blown away by them first time around, but the drowsy psychedelia of songs like 'No Ladder' worms its way into your earholes and stays there, dormant, until you're sat at a computer and suddenly have an unstoppable urge to listen to them again.

Eugene McGuinness, however, is the kind of guy you could listen to all day long. The girls at the front of the Leadmill crowd probably wouldn't mind just sitting near him, listening to him speak. He's got a natural charisma about him; when he leans lazily on his mic stand and smiles, the crowd practically swoons.

The music's not half bad either. Opening with 'Harlequinade', Mr. McGuinness controls the crowd for the duration of the set, whipping them up into a frenzy when he wants to, but slowing things down every now and then as well. In fact, more relaxed songs like 'Those Old Black and White Movies Were True' benefit from the intimate venue of the Leadmill's side-room, and the harmonies between Eugene and his backing singer are pulled off with aplomb. 'Videogame' – though "not the Del Ray one" as Eugene reminds us – is another highlight, while 'Thunderbolt', from his newest album, is announced to a roar of cheers.

Older material goes down just as well. 'Fonz' and 'Moscow State Circus' from Eugene's self-titled debut are well received, and 'Shotgun' b-side 'Trigger The Alarm' gets everyone dancing. It's a mixed crowd of new and old fans, and there's something for everyone tonight. 'Vela', from mini-album The Early Learnings of Eugene McGuinness, is the oldest song of the set, and is just as much of a crowd-pleaser as newest single 'Sugarplum'. The night ends on the thunderingly classy 'Shotgun', and Eugene and co. swan off into the crowd, greeting fans – and in particular, those dolled-up fangirls who stood in awe at the front of the audience all night.