Label: Young And Lost Club Release date: 5th October 2009 Website: Everything Everything Myspace *Everything Everything *are a rather extraordinary band formed in Manchester only a couple of years ago, but which is already doing great thanks to their art pop with a cerebral twist. This quartet of brainiacs cite the likes of “Les Beatles”, “Mr Kelly (r)”, “Michele Jackson”, “Katherine Bush”, Ezra Pound, “Radiotête” among their influences, while their pulsating, new wave_-y_ melodies gained them illustrious comparisons with XTC and Split Enz. They combine quirky tunes with complex layers of vocal harmonies, like a lyrical rubik's cube, and idiosyncratic lyrics to make you dance and feed your brain at the same time. And create something truly original! Each song sounds totally different from the previous one, as if they were composed and sung by different bands - all of them equally exciting, though. On 5th of October they will launch they new single *MY KZ, UR BF* backed by the mesmerising *NASA Is On Your Side*, following the two previous equally brilliant releases *Suffragette Suffragette* and *Photoshop Handsome*. No one could describe the new single better than *Everything Everything* themselves, that in their Myspace blog describe the two new tracks as follow: _“*MY KZ, UR BF*_ _which imagines what it would be like to try and have any kind of normal relationship if your country was being bombed constantly by an occupying nation, from the point of view of a self-obsessed, post-traumatic stress disordered R&B lothario. SOMEHOW I THINK YOU WOULD HAVE BIGGER THINGS TO THINK ABOUT THAN MOANING ABOUT MAKING LOVE IN THE CLUB IF THERE WAS A DRONE AIRCRAFT IN YOUR GARDEN. INNIT. “_ _and another new song:_ _*NASA is on your side*_ _“which looks at the idea of using the bodies of today's disillusioned teenagers as fossil fuels many thousands/millions of years from now when they have turned to coal and crude oil and the earth is a landfill wasteland and space shuttles are leaving continuously for greener pastures.”_ If you want to check what this might sound like, go and see them on 4th November at the ICA. It’s going to be pretty special indeed... In the meantime, you can check the video of *MY KZ, UR BF* *Rating*: 9/10 *Sound (a bit) like*: Vampire Weekends, Max Tundra, The Futureheads, XTC. But they’re seriously one of a kind!