Venue: The Talking Heads Support Bands: Visions of Trees Date: 04/10/10 2010 has been quite a year for Manchester-based band Everything Everything, with the release of their debut album Man Alive and their single ‘MY KZ, UR BF’ receiving widespread acclaim and plenty of radio play. It’s fair to say there is a real buzz around this band at the moment; a band who would be many people’s best new band of 2010. Perhaps the perfect example as to the kind of ‘mainstream’ buzz the band have been generating, is the fact that it was my 15 year old sister who first introduced me to them and I can’t remember the last time that happened! With this in mind, I was half expecting The Talking Heads to be packed full of screaming teenage girls. Needless to say it, to my great relief it wasn’t. With previous fears quelled it was time for the support band, London duo, Visions Of Trees to take to the stage. Opening for a band like Everything Everything was never going to be easy, but Visions Of Trees did well, warming up the sold out crowd with their blend of soothing sounds coupled with a mesmerising vocal performance. With a capacity of only 260, the size of The Talking Heads’ made this a very special and intimate show for a band which could (and no doubt will) fill much bigger venues in the near future. And from the moment the band launched into the opening section of ‘Qwerty Fingers’, the sold out crowd were singing along were singing along to every word. This set precedent for the rest of the gig, as the band stormed through tracks from their brilliant debut album Man Alive, the crowd were with them all the way. Understandably the biggest reaction of the night came in response to the band’s most successful track ‘MY KZ, UR BF’, with the reaction of the crowd only being matched by that of the band, who were clearly enjoying themselves immensely. This was no more evident than in ‘Suffragette Suffragette’, with the band demonstrating that as well as nailing softer, funkier numbers, they can also rock out. With a much a heavier live sound than on the record, the crowd responded in kind with a mini mosh pit erupting half-way through. As if to prove they still had more in their locker, the band returned for an encore, which included an incredible live performance of ‘Two For Nero’, with the dual harmonies between front man Jonathan and bassist Jeremy holding the crowd throughout; a perfect end to a pretty much flawless set. Overall, the intimate nature of the sold-out show made this an incredible gig, as well as the perfect chance to catch the band almost undoubtedly destined for great things in 2011 and beyond. Photo Credit: Max Phipps