Being perfectly honest, I am from Royal Tunbridge Wells, I'm not massively proud, but it's a burden I have to live with for the rest of my life. However, there is a solitary redeeming feature, and that is the 250 capacityTunbridge Wells Forum, the former public toilet turned arts and music venue which over the past year alone has witnessed performances from Ellie Goulding, Mumford and Sons and Warpaint. Specialising as a 'first tour' venue for up and coming acts- The Vaccines will be there in February- it celebrated its sold out 18th birthday on Saturday the 15th of January, welcoming Everything Everything to headline the proceedings.

Following various thrash support acts, Everything Everything received a raucous introduction, courtesy of the proud knowledge that bassist Jeremy also hails from Tun Wells, launching into 'Suffragette Suffragette'. It is remarkable how well the act come across live, with Jonathan's vocals effortlessly dropping from his falsetto, with the acapella introduction to 'Weights' perfectly tuned and timed. 'MY KZ, YR BF' is an obvious highlight, with a circle pit breaking out, and 'Come Alive Diana', celebrating an air of vague urgency, and contorting the audience into increasingly impossible shapes.

It is a hugely engaging gig with 'Qwerty Finger' a specifically reciprocal gesture; audience clapping building the foundations of the song, with the polished vocal acrobatics completing an arguably perfect pop song. 'Schoolin' uses the laptop to the left of the crowded stage to elevate an ungainly chorus to near hip hop heights, leaving the eager furore surrounding 'Photoshop Handsome' for the encore. For a band spanning genre and definition, there is a definite electronic edge to the performance, with the vocal harmonies inspiring tentative comparisons to Klaxons, though they are far too subtle to be pigeon-holed. With a hugely mixed audience of 'locals' and curious 'indie kids', there is a weight of expectation on the band, and despite the occasional overly 'touchy' middle-aged woman, Everything Everything are a brilliant, fitting act for the celebration of the Forum.

For what can be appreciated as a slightly awkward sound, they are following on from one of the albums of 2010 in Man Alive with their development to an incredibly polished and rehearsed live act, very much on the cusp of mainstream success. A faultless performance in an essential venue.