Berlin duo Evol Bum Pearl have just released their latest EP Four Seasons of Love. With their new record, the creative masterminds behind the band, Jan Colourful and Stephan Maier, take us on an aural journey through the many different faces of love; each of the four tracks evoking emotions as varied as the times of year themselves.

I attended the launch party for the EP at Urban Spree in Berlin recently, traipsing up a snow-covered pathway to get into the warm club beyond. I notice that Evol Bum Pearl tend to consider the visuals of high or equal importance in the presentation of their music. The video projection playing on the screen behind was composed of delicate, floating shapes which were almost floral in nature, extending further the dreamy, ethereal qualities present on Four Seasons of Love. Their chosen cover art, by the renowned Berlin-based artist Olafur Eliasson, is a photo taken from his installation Your Uncertain Shadow. The overlapping coloured silhouettes tower over the small dark figure standing in the centre alone, perfectly epitomising how a spectrum of feelings can overwhelm an individual. These emotions, like the seasons themselves, are ever-changing, but in that moment feel as though they will last forever. Just as the Berlin winter seems to me like it will never end, so do Evol Bum Pearl clearly understand this conflict of the transient and the infinite, which has enabled them to create an honest and heartfelt response definitely worth listening to.

If you heard Colourful's voice alone at the beginning of ‘Mountain Climber’, you could be forgiven for thinking that Brian Molko had a new sideline project. A conscious influence? But unlike them, Molko would never describe his music as electro pop. Personally, I think Evol Bum Pearl should also avoid this pigeon-holing genre-lisation. They display so much more subtlety and knowledge of orchestration than deserves such a title, implementing light and shade so effectively across all four tracks of Four Seasons of Love. The band's name, whilst somewhat deliberately nonsensical and therefore unique, was partially taken from the Sonic Youth album title EVOL. The chorus of second track, 'I Love You' just shouts 60s California, reminiscent of The Mamas & The Papas. The following track in contrast, 'Little Girl' sounds kind of futuristic and synthetic, with an almost sinister overtone. However on closer inspection it is, in fact, a much more moving, poetic invitation out of loneliness and into companionship: "we're waves in the sea, breaking the shores of doubt." 'Madley', the fourth, final and longest song on Four Seasons…, is a drawn-out, melancholic plea for answers with beautiful, purely instrumental sections.

The EP is certainly a grower, not to be discarded upon first listening. Watching them perform recently amplified the dynamics of the recorded songs extremely, taking us directly from moments of tenderness to pure exhilaration. Their performance was far from limp; one thing Evol Bum Pearl are most definitely not lacking is passion. Expect great things.