Maggie May’s is one very cute little venue. The door staff are somewhat intimidating, but it’s a friendly place all the same. It’s a little empty too, which is a little disappointing. The opening band seem a little young and very nervous. Sadly, that nervousness sticks with them throughout the performance, although they have real promise. Sound-wise it’s all a bit Twin Atlantic, minus the life and the energy. The songs are mostly very good, but with a little practice and some more shows under their belts, they’ll do just fine. Unfortunately, at the moment, they’re a little forgettable.  Unlike them, though the next band (again, their name escapes me) they ooze confidence, almost to the point of arrogance which to be honest is a little off-putting. Still, the songs are good. Not so sure about the vocals though. One moment it’s reminiscent of Johnny Cash (at least, I think that’s what he’s going for) and the next he sounds as though he’s chain-smoked a few dozen cigarettes and swallowed a Yorkshire terrier with a chest infection. It’s a bit disturbing, actually. For the most part though, the music isn’t that bad. About half way through their set, the acoustic guitar is swapped for the electric and things really come alive. A bit like Dylan going electric? Actually, no. Ah, the obligatory fret-wankery-guitar-solo; I wondered when you’d show up. Oh well, the crowd like it anyway.  Wow, this lot are easily pleased.   Tonight, the real gem has to be London trio , only tonight they’re joined by the lovely Cat and Ruth - from Glasgow’s own Aerials Up – on violin and cello respectively. They’re off to a stunning start. Beautiful melodies, both dark and light, break and swell, gorgeously uplifted and fulfilled by the strings.  Sadly for them, the crowd aren’t really paying attention, choosing to chatter loudly over it. I’m hoping that at some point they’ll be won over.  Somebody somewhere upped the volume, but, alas, so did the crowd. Cretins. Ex Libras make some of the most beautiful, emotive, stirring music I have ever heard in my entire life. I’m informed by the nice old man next to me that although, yes, Ex Libras are very good, it’s not right for a Friday night in Glasgow, apparently. Bullshit. Ex Libras are by far the most gifted musicians of the night.  Honestly, Glasgow – what the fuck is wrong with you? You'll stand silently appreciating the other bands (who, in reality, were rather mediocre) and yet when presented with something truly wonderful, you choose to talk through it. Deciding I can’t beat them, I simply ignored as much of the noise and rabble as possible and let Ex Libras have me - my soul, my heart and my tears.