Aleksa Palladino and her husband Devon Church not only united in holy matrimony but also more excitingly for the rest of the world, fused in a musical marriage to form the New York ghost-pop duo Exitmusic. Rather ironically, seeing as she was an indie flick and series actress with a heap of appearances including a part in HBO’s critically acclaimed series Boardwalk Empire, Palladino recently expressed to Vogue Magazine that the duo have been writing music without playing shows because she had stage fright.

Lets hope she is over that because their recent EP entitled From Silence is perhaps the start of something special and would be excellent if it comes across as well live as it does on the record.

Their most recent single, ‘The Hours’ which appears on the 4 track EP is a post rock type track in the style of Sigur Rós and Explosions In The Sky fronted with Palladino’s spooky, hushed vocals. The other 3 tracks on the EP are of similar stylings and form what is to all intensive purposes a really well put together package of coherent songs that obviously represent their sound quite succinctly. There is something of a soundtrack about these songs which is I suppose unsurprising given their name, referencing a particular moment in films.

I’d really like to hear a full-length record from this happy couple as I imagine it’ll be a record that I can really get into, close my eyes and listen to all the way through.