Label: Damaged Goods Release date: 06/09/10 Link: Myspace Buy/Stream: Amazon/Spotify Fabienne Delsol’s third and latest record release, On My Mind, attempts to revive or at least re-capture an essence of 60’s psychedelic pop. An interesting concept? Debatable. I’m always sceptical when a band or artist reaches the third album mark. It’s the album, which is the make or break. Have we flopped or have we been successful? Very rarely has a band reached the third album mark and come through on the other side, The Cribs were successful with Men’s Needs, Women’s Needs, Whatever and the Arctic Monkeys were successful with their haunting sounding album, Humbug. Well done to them, but the list of bands which have failed at the third album is astonishing, and I’m afraid to say, Fabienne has failed in doing so also. This album did nothing apart from give me an aching ear and made me so bored that I chewed on my finger and tried to find the best anagram out of her name. It was ‘Disable Neon Elf’ if you were the tiniest bit curious. Photobucket