Film Title: Fabled Enemies Director: Jason Bermas Narrative: Objective Truth Rating: 5/5 Link to Full Film: Click Me Fabled Enemies, a new film by Jason Bermas, who produced another equally important and informative film on the un-answered questions of September 11th, ‘Loose Change 911’, brings to the truth table even more information recently leaked and gained through higher and higher powers within the US government. From a call to the FBI questioning why the atrocities that occurred on September 11th have not been added to Osama Bin Laden’s list of undertakings on the most wanted terrorists profile, (most wanted), to the post-9/11 anthrax attacks, and where the particular strains of anthrax used actually came from. The objective truth would land rather closer to home… A must see film for those who wish to open their minds to the truth, in a time when telling the truth is a revolutionary act in itself. The economy is crumbling, our freedoms are being pillaged from our very souls, our own mortality is being subconsciously challenged by the powers at be, but our apathy is such that we cannot process with our minds, what our eyes can see. Awake, dear friends, ignorance is never an excuse, be the change we all wish to see in this beautiful world of ours.