Probably best known for his remixes of artists like Miike Snow, Noah & The Whale and Hot Chip, Fake Blood, aka British DJ and producer Theo Keating, is back with his second EP of original material, Deep Red.

Keating’s first EP, Fix Your Accent went to number one in Belgium, home to remix superstars Soulwax. Unfortunately, like the Belgian brothers, whose original material is probably their least successful output, Fake Blood fails to make an impact when not remixing another artist. Catchy in places, the title track feels like it lacks the momentum required to make it anything less than a slightly limp attempt at eurotrance. The whole EP lacks substance and depth in the same way, and effectively sounds like a selection of demos that aren’t quite ready for public consumption. It’s certainly not the worst thing I’ve ever heard, it just sounds a bit unfinished. There are some novel samples at work here, and the throat-singing sample in ‘Voices’ creates an interesting melodic dichotomy when put over house synths and bass. Overall though, there’s not much to sit up and take notice of.

The most compelling track on the 3 song EP has to be its finale ‘Medieval’. With syncopated, staccato synths leading into a heavy house bassline it’s the only track I can imagine enjoying hearing again. Sounding like Swedish synth aficionados Lo-Fi- Fnk crossed with Deadmau5, there’s a nice contrast between detached electro motifs and epic house ‘put your hands in the air’ breakdowns. As an exploration of ideas, Deep Red works perfectly well, it’s just not the finished product I was hoping for. Give it a listen, by all means, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it.