Label: Sargent House Release date: 23/02/10 Fang Island’s MySpace MP3: Daisy Vaguely math-indebted rockers Fang Island are a joyous stomp to listen to, what with bouncing drums and tightly played guitarmonies, massed vocals that seem designed to bring out the drunken screamer in us all, and perfect senses of timing that keep each song from ever seeming over long. As a fan of Sargent House’s releases and impressive roster – Tera Melos, bygones, Omar Rodriguez, and others all cohabitate on the Echo Park label – the self-titled LP from these five fellows fits in quite nicely with both the label’s forward thinking music and with a lover’s expectations from the label. This second disc also shows that Fang Island do one thing very well: write music. Shifting tempii, rapid fire tapping, and deft segues all peacefully pan out across the entire album, oftentimes making the entire thing seem like a continuous suite. While this is a bit reminiscent of Tera Melos’ Drugs To The Dear Youth, the hard rock and mild glam showmanship of such songs as ‘Welcome Wagon’ and ‘Sideswiper’ keep the disc from ever swaying into the realm of copycatting. And while the Thereminist that is I wants to say that the Theremax and B3 mixed with 78 pops outro ‘Dorian’ is in the top three songs, it will forever be edged out by the epic crash and bash of ‘Careful Crossers,’ what with all three guitars ablaze, frenzied drums, and a nice take on the verse-chorus-bridge style structure. Each song is its own monster, though, from fucked up shanty-style upbeat lolling to songs based around electronic drones, each in an overarching sound that is Fang Island. With the band’s resourceful nature given their instrumentation and singular overall sound, it should come as no surprise that this album is quite good. Each song works on its own and in context, and every moment is played masterfully. The only gripe is the length – at a mere 31’31”, Fang Island blazes by. And while the threat of repeat listens is a good one, imagine how much more powerful this could have been with 14 songs. Good job, guys, though. This album’s a real winner. Photobucket