Label: Kartel Link: Pull The Catch, released through Kartel on the 1st of December, is Fat Freddy’s latest giving to the world of multi genre musical ventures. From their forthcoming album Big BW Pull The Catch, according to the band, was written a few years ago when they were travelling in the South Island of New Zealand, staying near Dallas’ hometown Rakautara. One morning, a few of the band dragged themselves out of bed and went out before dawn on a fishing boat with Dallas’ uncle. When they came back from the ocean they were singing this song and proceeded to record it that day in a studio set up in a little house on the beach. It has been dubbed as the future vision into their upcoming album Big BW, and if this is the case, when the album is released early next year, it promises to be just as progressive, just as soulful, just as dub and just as skanking as their previous endeavours. But maybe not in a way you may think. I, and many FFD fans out there, will be waiting in semi-nervous anticipation. Focussing on the single, though, I struggled to feel the usual soul I have felt with most other FFD tracks. Don’t get me wrong, it is a great track, but… it just doesn’t seem to be Fat Freddy’s. Joe Dukie’s serene and soulful vocals still gently caress ones ears, the horns still shout out in conceited fantasticalness, and the beat is still skankingly danceable and steeped in roots, rock and reggae with an undertonal electronica vibe. It just seems too studio refined and, I don’t want to say it, but a little commercialised for my personal liking. I find it tough to slate, even if it is a tiny amount, a band of whom I adore, so I will stress that the single is a good single. If you take into consideration many other artists of a similar genre, it would be an amazing feat of musical accomplishment. But for FFD, it just seems like an average, good song. Fat Freddy’s Drop are, for me, a live performance band in all their magnificence, and so I await what improvisation they will bring to this track. I have no doubt that it is a small passage in a larger narrative. All the negatives aside, though, the track is uplifting in its intricacy and soul dancing in its simplicity. With lyrics to think on, and beats to dance on, and in contradiction to previous thoughts, Pull The Catch IS still Fat Freddy, just, maybe, another side of the story… Rating: 3.5/5