Website: Beginning with a crash of cymbals and a high-pitched cry and ending with the slow undulation and fading of organs this album is characterised by these two elements. The shrill voice fades in and out of repeated organ phrases, bursts of drum and cymbals coincide with louder wailing cries and plucked guitar refrains. An occasional deeper voice intercedes at times between these layers battling for control. Two songs after a little under the breath muttering and some brooding guitars encircling the ghost of melody there is a cessation of sound. When it re-emerges from a rustling chorus of birdsong a simple progression up and down the fretboard is accompanied by some whisperings, which are supplanted by a wailing chorus of human voices and the organ again replaces the guitar. Here there is almost the promise of a coherent song emerging from the morass but this is quickly subsumed within similar earlier parameters. By track 5 ‘So Now You Have To Choose Between My Two (Black) Lungs’ there is some chanting bringing to mind aberrant rituals performed in some dank woodland clearing. I’m taking an informed guess that this was the attempted feel of the whole piece going by track titles such as ‘Hide Yourself in the Woods’ and ‘I Ran Out of Fuel and a Viper Just Bit Me’. They do succeed in creating a mood of creeping dread, but one that is somehow more appealing than frightening. I’m inclined also to take the piece as a whole composition rather than separate tracks and in this case there is not much thematic progression throughout. Perhaps though the feeling of almost rising out of the sonic mire into something more structured before being pulled back into the dirge is again totally intended. By time we reach the one but last track we are given a little almost redemptive vocal harmony reminiscent of child’s voices, but this is underscored by crackling white noise and a slow guitar line and finally another bout of screaming. Actually here is my favourite point in the whole album as a call and response “Are we evil?” “We are evil” strikes up in a comedic falsetto. Altogether I enjoyed the piece though at times I wished for something a little more adventurous outside it’s structure. Rating: 7/10 What say you on this? Sound off in our Fourum!