Label: Big Teeth Music Release date: 30/08/10 Link: Official Site Buy: Amazon 'It's been a while since old favourites Feeder stuck their heads above the parapet. With such huge successes as 'Buck Rogers' and 'Come Back Around' in the charts behind them though, one can't help expecting a blazing return to glory after such a long absence. Latest single 'Renegades' though, limps out of the blocks, leaving you feeling flat and uninspired by its continuous predictability right up to the finish. As the times have moved on, the Newport lads have been well and truly left behind, with their sound showing no progression from a decade ago. In fact, even the crunching guitars, adventurous rhythms and belt-along choruses that made their earlier singles so infectiously brilliant have snuck out the back door. What you're left with is an inoffensive but horribly unimaginative stroll down the middle of the punk road. The whammy bar heavy opening promises much, before the distorted verse trundles along, never daring to deviate from its four over familiar power chords. While the pre-chorus offers a little extra bounce and fun, the chorus goes nowhere and blends meekly into all that precedes it. Let's give Grant Nicholas credit for still giving it his all with some defiant vocals, but sadly it is 'we must find out who we are' that rings truest in the ears. 'Renegades' is, interestingly, also the name of the band's side project. If they really want to find out who they are, they'd be best to rename and start again, because nobody expected this from these guys. It takes more than palm muting to make a song, gents.' Photobucket