Label: Cherryade Release date: 11/10/2010 Link: Myspace The Bloodless EP by FEVER FEVER is nothing if not bold, and the art-punkers make no apologies about leaping straight in from the off and unleashing their barrage of noise. The Bloodless represents a sound similar to Be Your Own Pet in terms of similarly brattish vocals, but much noisier and angrier. FEVER FEVER is a three-piece, girl-boy partnership from Norwich, and all these pieces of information make it even more staggering that this lot make as much noise as they do. What’s more is that it’s very well-crafted noise, dominated by heavy bar chords and energetic, pounding drums that barrel along at a million miles per hour. They do all sound a little bit similar at first listen but persevere and there are some great little variations to be found on this short but sweet five-track EP. ‘Static’ has a clever little poppy intro where the band seem to almost chat to each other and offers a slightly lighter, more poignant variation to the less subtle offerings on The Bloodless. ‘Black Lung’ and ‘Butcher’s Shop’ are heavier numbers, both very much dominated by chugging, thick, almost ominous guitar lines, and overall there aren’t any particularly weak songs on this album. In reality, The Bloodless is anything but. The best thing that could be said about FEVER FEVER is they make energetic, noisy art-punk that makes you want to get up and dance. And for a band who dedicate as much effort as they do to being incredibly brattish, that’s a pretty damn good achievement. Photobucket