Me and my pal grabbed our coats and stepped into the blustering winter, on our way to The Marquee to watch Norwich born Fever Fever . Having been invited to play the Canadian Music Week in Toronto, as well as SXSW festival in Austin, Texas (both in March), the gig's primary purpose was to fund their trips there. With a multitude of homemade cakes and a raffle draw with truly terrible (they later admitted Pound Land bought) prizes, it was easy to see their enthusiasm for their upcoming gigs, and the trio had a fantastically tongue in cheek relationship with their fans, full of banter and crude jokes which made you feel part of a very close selective.

There were even offers for one pound kiss-a-grams - they wanted to go to Canada that bad. Fever Fever have a tremendous stage presence, and stand out track 'Monster' was heavily led by aggressive, foot stomping drums, and ferociously female defiant vocals. Having been rather ignorant to the band before, I was wonderfully surprised by such a powerful representation of femininity. Death of Death of Discotheque were a four piece band who provided a fantastic amalgamation of indie-punk, with much of the same energetic gusto and a good piece of electro thrown in for good measure. Tawny Owl & The Birds of Prey were fantastically atmospheric crooners; with instrument swapping credentials which naturally induced severe jealously and feelings of inadequacy. Brothers, a six piece female powerhouse, two of those stolen from Fever Fever, perfectly warmed the crowd up to the joys to come, with a somewhat unusual lyrical concoction of spitting and vomiting combined with yelps, whoops and screaming.

There's an option to donate towards the Fever Fever Canadian campaign on their Myspace. Fever Fever will release their debut album this year after a string of successful singles out on Manchester-based Cherryade Records.