Label: Memphis Industries Release Date: 8/02/10 Website: Official Site From the first beat of Field Music’s single 'Them That Do Nothing', the band’s intent is clear. 4-beats-to-the-bar folk-rock may have been done before, but there should always be room for music that retreads old ground with flair. To an extent, this single, from album Measure, does just that. There is a hint of Billy Bragg or The Levellers in the wistful lyrics: “We tried to stand for nothing, now there’s nothing to stand for” is one of those lines which evokes a pleasant but melancholy empathy in people who had a dream, then got married, got a job and got a cynical streak. This is the whole feeling of the song, in fact, summarised by, “Get your keys and get to work/because them that do nothing make no mistakes”. This single is built around its sentiment, the lyrics clearly the main feature; the rhythms are anything but exciting, and overall, the relaxed and melodic is chosen over any earth-shattering use of instruments or emotional excess. The guitar harmonizes agreeably with the plodding bass, which plods in the same sort of way as it does under The Proclaimers’ hit ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)’. It’s a bit boring though, really. That is almost certainly a matter of personal preference, and if I’d had a dream, then got married, got a job and got a cynical streak, maybe I’d be in this song’s target market. But if like me you haven’t, and you prefer the earth-shattering to the conventional, then go and listen to… well, something else. Photobucket