Artist: Fiery Furnaces Release: I'm Going Away Out: 20th July Buy: Amazon If James Brown was the self proclaimed "hardest working man in music", I think that the siblings Freiderberger may be putting up some stiff competition for him. This week the Fiery Furnaces release 'I'm Going Away', their eighth studio album since 2003. Thankfully though, in the frenzy of releases they have managed to keep the quality of their efforts at an impressively high level. Perhaps it's understandable, given their frantic release schedule, that the duo want to slow things down a little from the normal manic and experimental outputs that we've become accustomed to. This record allows us a bit of a pause for breath as there is slightly less going on than we have seen in previous offerings. I think that this makes 'I'm Going Away' the band's most accessible LP to date, or at least since their debut effort anyway. It's packed full with a dozen really quite catchy pop tunes. Although the tracks on here are slightly less hectic the customary wonky piano runs from Matthew are still clearly evident and Eleanor still manages to screech her vocals out at an alarming rate. Highlights on the album include 'Take Me Round Again' which is full to busting point with perfect pop sweetness, 'The End Is Near' sounds great as does 'Charmaine Champagne' - sped right up from to the version seen last week on 'The End Is Near' EP. Though I have to confess I do prefer the slowed down version. Whilst it's a bit of a change in direction and is a little more relaxed and melodic, something that may leave some hardcore Freiderberger fanatics a little cold, 'I'm Going Away' is a pleasureable and really quite enjoyable album that would prove as a good entry point to a band with a lengthy and varied back catalogue. Definitely worth looking into. Track To Download: 'Take Me Round Again' Track To Skip: Tough really, because I don't think there's an automatic choice... maybe 'Cups and Punches' Twitter Review: The eighth record from the Freiderberger siblings sees them return to a more relaxed, melodic tone and is packed full of catchy pop tunes. 8.5/10 Here's a live version of 'Charmaine Champagne' for you to enjoy!