I’m a big fan of instrumental music, so when I heard about this Fighting Kites / Broken Shoulder Split EP I was keen to give it a lengthy listen and metaphorically put pen to paper to review it, well more like pressing fingers to the keyboard, but you get where I’m going.

London based Fighting Kites have been crafting their post rock stylings since their formation in 2009. Thankfully they’ve stayed away from the often too obvious loud vs. quiet technique which represents so much post rock music, but have opted for a more considered approach to melody, inter twining guitars and a solid rhythm section. It’s Chicago sounding along the lines of Tortoise and occasionally Dianogah (in their note patterns not the sound of dual basses). Their 4 tracks on the Split EP are well played, gentle, flowing pieces. It’s a pleasure to listen to them and be reminded that we have some great alternative musicians in our city. I’ll look forward to listening to their full-length record as and when it hits the airwaves.

Broken Shoulder is the electronic / glitch project of Fighting Kites member Neil Debnam, who started the project after being injured and not being able to play with the band. What injury I hear you say, well I’ll leave you to work that out. It’s like the Dark Side of the force where Fighting Kites are the Rebel Alliance. The songs are less structured, droney and quite repetitive affairs. Interesting in their own right, but a lot less easy on the ear.

This split is a decent release from Audio Antihero, and I’m sure I’ll have it on repeat for a while to come.