Label: Wichita Recordings Release Date: February 23rd Website: First Aid Kit are one of those bands that will pull anyone and everyone into their atomosphere, regardless of their musical leanings. I've yet to hear a bad word said about this sister duo from Sweden and if the Drunken Trees EP is anything to go by, I doubt I ever will. First released back in April of last year in Sweden, those magical people at Wichita Recordings have picked it up and are re-releasing it onto UK soil at the end of February. Straight from the get go the Bright Eyes influence is apparant as EP opener 'Little Moon', kicks off preceedings in a similar fashion to 'At The Bottom Of Everything' from the I'm Wide Awake It's Morning album. The comparisons to Conor Obersts more current work was lost on me at first but the more I listen to the EP the more I agree. It's got the same sort of feel that a lot of Conor's more country tinged work has and a lot of the tenderness too, especially on 'Pervigilo' which will melt the coldest of hearts. "Because maybe you haven't noticed, I appreciate your company and everytime you have to go I regret I didn't let you know, I could love you" It's not in the slightest bit a cheap Oberst rip off EP though as they wear a lot more important influences on their sleeves, notably the vocal similarites between guitarist/main vocalist Klara Söderberg and the angelic Joanna Newsom. Klara's voice is perhaps a little less harsh in comparison but you only have to hear 'Jagadamba, You Might' to get where I'm coming from. Also theres a faint hint of Bjork-esque growl to Klaras voice too, which is a joy to hear in First Aid Kits folk setting. The vocal harmonies of Klara and Johanna, the maturity of their lyrics and the tenderness of the music these sisters create, all pull together to create an EP that is joy to listen to from start to finish. Theres not a second of filler on Drunken Trees and that's something to be extremely proud of. Bring on the album. Rating: 9/10