A standard gig, but on a bus. When my friend James mentioned that the Flash Bang Band were hosting a gig on a bus, I jumped at the chance to go. I'm all for stationary gigs but the thought of listening to good music whilst perusing Brighton sounded like a brilliant idea. People boarded the venue in the centre of town using a secret alias in replace of tickets. I think I heard one lady state that her name was Sprinkle Fairy but I may have misheard this. But something tells me this was one of the most normal names on that list. The novelty of the gig just shows how much fun these guys have and this definitely reflected in the music they make...

One thing that I really noticed about the Flash Bang Band was their ability to perform live. It is so refreshing to see bands who love what they do, have passion for the songs they write and have this shown throughout their live performance.

The set list suited the atmosphere; they played originally written songs, well-crafted and brilliantly played. What more could you require, apart from a keyboard that doesn't slide off its stand due to sharp cornering, but their ability to balance and play gave even more to remark about.

They closed with the high energy song 'I want to better myself'. The song built up, increasing with volume, and it ended my bus experience on a high. Judging by the crowds reactions, I don't think I was alone.

The components of the band worked well, some parts played with a trumpet - having different elements, such as cowbells and trumpets makes for a much more interesting gig. I would love to see these guys in a stationary venue, giving the crowd a chance to bop freely to their infectious songs.

Good crowd interaction is key, and the flash bang gang were on point. Thirty minutes wasn't enough time, this is very positive, and I just know they have a lot more to offer, will definitely catch them again.

The Flash Bang gang had support from The Beautiful Word, having previously heard some of their material I was quite intrigued to see how they'd sound live, I wasn't disappointed.

You can't help but feel happy when you hear them play, their ability to engage the audience with their delicate, yet profound songs is commendable. The intertwining voices of both Emily and Megan, creates a mesmerising harmony. There's Talent in all areas with the beautiful word, a solid performance from Nelson, Scotty and 'Gruff' provided a wall of sound that really worked for the band, making the delicate melodies much more poignant and better heard. I was really impressed with the guitar work of nelson, despite the fact, of course, that the bus was moving round a let's face it, not-so-flat Brighton!

All in all a brilliant experience, and one for charity, you can't go wrong really!