One of the beauties of disco in the 1970s was the fact that there were either few or no artificial manipulations to music. Though having a synthesiser was almost fundamental, there was more emphasis on the necessity of a giant orchestra behind lead musicians. Between 1979 and 1985, there spawned this notion of a complete lack of natural orchestration of music, as synthesisers took over and drum machines were replacing the highly skilled drummers. This post-disco regime was just following the protocol of aesthetic trend changes through time.

We’re now facing the reverse effect, as indie-dance musicians, like Flash Fiktion, are trying to dismantle complete electronic utilisation. By no means is their eponymous debut deliberately deviant, it’s just unexpectedly different. Based on their weird way of being able to romanticise almost futile subject matter, they resemble a new age Electric Light Orchestra.

As well as relative subject matter being a universal requirement in the current indie trend, sound variety is another essentially when attracting that wider audience. Luckily for this young trio, they prosper in that department and that is probably because of their individual tastes harmonising with one another. It is, indeed, a dangerous stratagem as a new and moderately unheard-of group to produce a multitude of different sounds, but they pull it off.

Bubbly and quirky in construction, the warm monotone synth-lead fuses finely with the percussive jangling of ‘Capsules of Sun’, which then softly diffuses into the next track, ‘The Rapture Of Your Design’. Exotic, jovial and less attentive towards the preceding electronica, the reverberated guitars and backing vocals reflect a UK version of Contra (Vampire Weekend, 2010). This tendency of altering style doesn’t stop there. ‘Metamorphasise’ consists of this speedy tempo solution, formed by a rigidly funky guitar that inventively complements Daniel Peranic’s jazzy, improve-like percussion.

Unfortunately, the music industry isn’t a meritocratic one. It’s more complex than that, especially when they have yet to furnish stronger production. Also, it may be necessary to insert extra instrumental elements to woo an audience, who are mostly preoccupied by an array of new independent musicians. But as long as they are subjects of an increased level of publicity, there is no reason why this trio cannot become the next envied competitor in the electronica scene.