Venue: Dingwalls, Camden Support Bands: Chad Valley Date: 25/08/2010 I really do like Foals, despite how hard their fan base makes me try and hate them. I’m not saying that every person that likes Foals is a dick, but when this happens it’s hard not to. That being said, every time I see them live, the crowd are excellent. They’re always responsive and supportive, always dancing (even at the Rough Trade instore recently) and there is nothing more you could want from a crowd. So, despite sometimes being unlikeable, wannabes, irritating and the likes, they always deliver. It was no different at Dingwalls, for an underage (14-18) gig. The crowd, while immature (stupid heckles etc.), played their part and sang along to every word, transfixed by the stage presence of Yannis et al (despite the aforementioned’s famously diminutive stature). The other thing about underage fans is their ability to hero worship and obey anybody, as demonstrated by the fact that the dancefloor section of the crowd (Dingwalls has 3 or 4 levels, the lowest, dancefloor area the biggest) religiously sat down as soon as Yannis asked. The only other time I’ve seen a frontman do that was at a Bon Iver gig, but the songs are sit down songs, not dance songs. While it was undeniably a dickish thing to do (“look at us, we’re artists. Listen, we’re important .”), it worked in the crowd, and it was amazing to see so many people unquestionably and uncritically obeying. Just a quick mention of Chad Valley, the support person. It was alright chillwave, a bit whiney and a bit, well, chillwave really. I’m coming across as a bit of a dick now, a bit self important and above it, but I’m typing this in hindsight, where it’s easier to criticise. As gigs go, no one I know can occupy a crowd like Foals, keep them going and transfixed, even when they’re less rehearsed (‘Blue Blood’ was awful). They truly are masters of the art of the gig, to keep crowds entertained with their timing, set lists and talking. Not a great gig, but a fun gig.