Label: Unsigned Link: I love post-rock music, I really do. There's just something about it that I find easy to connect with but I'll be the first one to admit that it's a genre of music that has got extremely repetitive over the last few years. Even some of the big players in the market have been struggling to breath life into a genre that has been heavily overrun by bands that seem hell bent on sticking to the 'five different layers of distortion' formula. Well guess what? Yet another band is trying to enter the scene, only this time they're good. Their name is For A Minor Reflection and they hail from sunny Reykjavic. We can go ahead and think of them as the doctors of post-rock performing cardiopulmonary resuscitation left, right and center. They recently played a handful of shows with Sigur Ros and were described by those guys as "the band with the potential to out Mogwai". Pretty good right? You might give this album a listen and decide within the first few minutes of the title track 'Reistu Þig Við, Sólin Er Komin Á Loft...' that I'm completely wrong and that FOMR are just another band banging out the same old cliches but as the song progresses you'll suddenly start to hear all their unique qualities shine through. Ok, they certainly subscribe to the 'start quiet and end loud' style of post-rock but my god when they're loud they'll literally blow you away. Well...not literally, because that would be quite annoying, but you know what I mean. Apparently they started off as an Indie band but after listening to this album a few times I'm convinced they must have been a punk/hardcore band in a past life because when they go for it they have the sort of aggression and passion that's usually only reserved for bands of that genre, just listen to the final moments of 'Óhljóð' for proof. That, for me, is why they've leap frogged 95% of their peers. Mimas and For A Minor Reflection all in one year. Wow, call off the obituary. Rating: 8.5 /10