Label: Broken Sound Release date: 31/08/09 Website: Buy: Ama "We wanted to make really simple organic live recordings complete with flaws. It was very important to us to start with something spontaneous. We usually chose to include performances that were wild and unhinged over more polished versions because we wanted that energy." - Mark Thresher, Singer/Songwriter A Brooklyn band with a bedsit kitchen sink sound, Forest Fire perform with a loose, laid back and incredible grassroots sound. Their debut album, Survival, went through a process of recording where they set up a microphone in the middle of the studio and assembled around it, like an old folk band. Observing the picture on the album cover, you can't help but think of the studio as this studio flat that's been inhabited by musical squatters for months on end, dedicated to producing the rough, dirty, communal atmosphere in their music. The album consists of mainly short tracks that blend into an extensive jam and sing along, fronted by a knackered acoustic guitar, droning vocals with effort, jumbled percussion, and the odd fuzzy electronics, and out of tune horns. This makes for an inviting listen; you can feel inclined to sit amongst these squatter musicians as they play in the dirt and it fast becomes an endless, joyful buzz in the mind. Rating: 8/10