Fossil Collective, is a two-piece from Leeds, consisting of multi-instrumentalists David Fendick and Jonny Hooker. Known for their work with previous band Vib Gyor, the nearly-rans of experimental alt-rock, band looked to be the next big thing with XFM's Clint Boon announcing "This band are going to make a huge impact on the world of music." Unfortunately the band split in the summer of 2009, never realising its full potential.

Luckily for us, the story doesn't end there, and Fossil Collective rose from their ashes. As on Vib Gyor, the songs centre about catchy pop melodies and exquisitely constructed lyrics; however, there is definitely a slower paced folk vibe this time round. In 2010 Fossil Collective released their debut EP Honey Slides to widespread acclaim and considerable commercial success.

This takes us up to the current day, and their latest EP Let It Go, due for release on Dirty Hit records on June 11th. The title track 'Let It Go' sets the scene for the quintet of tracks to follow; beautiful folk-inspired harmonies, intricate guitar work and the lyrical themes of 'struggle, strife and relationships'. 'Satellite' maintains the high quality set by its predecessor; however, using a richer array of instrumentation it draws similarities to long standing folk stalwarts such as King Creosote and Belle & Sebastian. 'Without a Fight' is a slide-guitar driven anthem about "not giving on something you love." These are topics well covered in popular music, but Fossil Collective has an amazing talent for walking well trodden path, but making them feel anew.

The EP's stand out track is undoubtedly 'Guarantuba'. This slow tempo masterpiece centres around a delicate finger-picking riff and a warm, atmospheric background tone. After a brief Google of the track's title I discovered that Guarantuba is a coastal area of Brazil; this fits perfectly with the song's colourful and emotive lyrics. Fendick has such an incredible gift for writing lyrics that take you away from your current state, and bringing you into whatever place/ time/emotion they aim. "You made sense of it all, we had nothing to say, the words got in the way. Guarantuba." Perfect. The EP's final track, 'Everything But You Was Facing North', is Let It Go 's final track and tackles the contradictions and complexities that occur during relationships.

hough the band described this as an EP of 'struggle, strife and relationships', there are moments of genuine happiness and elation littered amongst the melancholic, which make this a far more well rounded EP then it may have otherwise been. One thing that came across from reading press in the run down to this release was that the band were enjoying the freedom and control that they have under Fossil Collective, without the levels of media hype that came with their past outfit. They really sound like a band that has found where it wants to be; delivering their unique blend of beautiful, heartfelt folk music.