Francobollo has two meanings; Italians amongst us will read it as a postage stamp, whilst others think of it as the name of a Swedish band emanating the spirit of Pavement, and a host of other indie slacker bands from the west coast of America.

Now residing in the UK, Scandinavians, Petter Grevelius, Sam Bailey, Simon Nilsson and Sean Bean (no, not the one off that programme) are about to release their debut EP, Harpholma.

‘Future Lover’ packs itself to the rafters with heavy chords and vocals, whilst not the best, sound much like Rivers Cuomo - proof that you don’t need to be the most accomplished singer to succeed. ‘Good Times’ envisages a time where it was cool to wear dirty, ramshackle clothing, playing guitar real loud in your garage and Pepsi cans looked cool. Its topic as you may have guessed is good times, with lyrics like, ‘there’s something in your eyes that reminds me of good times’ before finishing with a Pixies like guitar solo.

‘I Found A Bike’ which features a video following Adeel Akhtar (Four Lions) as he finds a bike, gets married to it, loses said bike, ‘finds’ another, has a falling out and finds that it’s not the best at keeping its trousers fastened so to speak. The song itself has a touch of synth together with pulsating drums and an interesting hook.

‘I Hope Not’ features another great hook with an electronic vibe and distorted chords; while closer, ‘Pretty Colours’ has obvious influences but – and I can’t put my finger on it - the vocals help to give it a distinct British flavour.

Francobollo then are the creative type, making their own artwork and videos; although we’ve had more than a handful of revivalists, these boys are one with more life than most.