Label: Xtra Mile Release date: 16/11/09 Website: Official Website After I saw Franz Ferdinand at the Wolverhampton Civic Hall this year, I was heading home when a young woman ran up to me, smiling crazily, and shouted "I just met Frank Turner! Go and meet Frank Turner, he's standing over there!" My initial reaction was to blindly follow the imperative, but I decided on reflection that as I hadn't been to his gig that night, and wouldn't recognise him on the street, it was probably a bit cheeky. What was clear was that he inspired passion in his fans, meeting them and talking for a good while outside the stage door. 'Poetry of the Deed' doesn't seem like the type of song that would inspire passion like that. It isn't bad: it's folk-rock with an upbeat off-beat rhythm and cheerful chords, but it's a little unexceptional. The melodies are predictable and the repeated lyrics of the bridge - "Life is too short to live without poetry. If you've got soul darling now come on and show it me." - are grimacingly generic. 'Poetry of the Deed' sounds like the soft pop of The Feeling crossed with underground folk of Levellers, and the result is perfectly middle-ground and 'meh'. I like it, but I'm not offended by it in any way, and it could probably do with offending me a bit more. I suppose it has a good message about poetry an' all, and it could be a strong radio single, but it's just a lot less exciting than that hyperventilating young woman outside the Civic Hall suggested it would be. Rating: 5/10
Frank Turner - 'Poetry of the Deed'