Tucked away on the outskirts of Hollywood in Silverlake lies a nightclub that showcases both latin flare and emerging indie rock bands. Los Globos would surely be more fitting for its Latin nights at first glance. Make your way right up the stairs to the second floor and you're greeted with a retro dance floor/hall. Intimate, homey and welcoming, the stage spotlighted the nightly acts several feet beyond the bar.

As the Tuesday evening crowd drew regulars to the local late night staple, you were instantly drawn in by the foot-stomping, tambourine-shaking, bluesy, southern-influenced sound that echoed through the other side of the room that was Freedom Fry. Luckily, being from Texas had its perks, so every track from their EP Outlaws brought back a bit of nostalgia. The biggest surprises of the night happen to be the undeniable chemistry and polished stage presence that Bruce Driscoll and Marie Seyrat brought before opening up for DWNTWN and Gliss. Their sound was polished to the point that you could immediately figure out that they had the passion and drive to prove such a collaboration between an American boy and French girl could coexist in the studio in order to blend both their influences into enjoyable pop tunes.

Slipping in and out of choruses in French and English, Freedom Fry made it work. Their songs flowed well into the night just as their set had ended and introduced their latest tracks to be featured on their soon to be released EP, Friends and Enemies. With a consistent setlist, the duo were the perfect act to open up for the larger acts to follow, though it made no difference to me the order that night - Freedom Fry was a favourite.

Up next with their charismatic tunes and posse of local supporters, DWNTWN filled the dance floor. Though their tunes were party-ready, this transition was a bit off considering the smooth set Freedom Fry had just completed. Lead singer Jamie Leffler had a fit with the sound amongst the various technical issues occurring on stage. Fortunately that didn't stop the Tuesday night crowd to keep plowing in to brush towards the stage and join in the party. Though highly animated and theatrical, DWNTWN made strides with stand-out single 'Stood Me Up' from their EP The Red Room.

Closing out the night, Gliss had now been the much anticipated act to take the stage. With another fitting cultural combo like Freedom Fry, Gliss have been making intricately, polished brooding songs due to the recruitment of Danish songstress, Victoria Cecilia. By adding this dynamic, Gliss showcased some quality garage rock. Their recently released album, Langsom Dans was the soundtrack to the night as the entire room were captivated by the trio.

It's an understatement to say that it was a a good night for LA-based female-fronted bands.