Label: Chess Club Release date: 22/03/10 Website: Myspace Freelance Whales are one of the many bands gaining a lot of attention at the moment, but it’s certainly justified. Since only being founded in late 2008, to make such a catchy little gem just over a year later, and with an album due to be released in April, is a good way of going about it. 'Generator 2nd Floor' is an instant sing-along and hummer with the combination of their voices gently raising over each other - creating an anthemic feeling, mixed with light glockenspiel in the background which gives it a friendly pop feel. The constant banjo throughout the song gives it an edge and a definite folk drive - with the drum beat kicking in and making you want to tap your feet until they're sore. Even after the first listen you'll find yourself trying to hum and sing along with what is coming next, with the lyrics 'Don't fix my smile, life is long enough We will put this flesh into the ground again' sticking in your head all day long. 'Generator 2nd Floor' is a delightful song that has gentle pitter patters and sweet innocence written all over it but when you hit the chorus the distorted and tapping guitar kicks in, which gives it an experimental mood, one that shows the band really aren’t afraid to play with their sound. It soon flows back into that soft, innocent song that you first heard though - with layers of vocals and softly spoken words combining with the banjo repeating itself, holding the song together. Freelance Whales are a band that will mix and use any instrument that they can find to create a great song which will have you following their every move. Photobucket