Label: Sotones Release date: 03/05/10 Link: Myspace Since Carl and Thom jeered their namesake at bunch of confused school girls three years ago; Southseas’ Fresh Legs have gone onto perk up Rob Da Bank’s finely tuned lug holes, dazzle Bestival in gold onesies and now finally release their first proper EP, Julian. Like a kid hyper on full fat coke set loose in Toys R US five minutes before closing; their debut EP doesn’t disappoint earlier expectations as they flit about excitedly picking up new sounds, genres and styles with each track and crashing them all together just to see what happens. Title track, ‘Julian', starts with a riotous “RRRRAH!” that’s quickly disarmed by joyful Little Comets hooks and sugary sweet, “aah, aah, aahs”, before taking a 360 turn to plunge deep into Paramore emo melancholia, and then being dragged back out again by its ankles for a full on discordant freak-out and a "hey! ho!’s” worthy of Dananananaykroyd. ‘Sexy So Sexy’ continues the frenetic pace with sticky scuzz coated riffs and a chorus The Brownies would cream for, as the pace of the chord changes mirror the building sexual frustration for a euphoric finale. ‘Cinnamon Away’ is the longest and most cohesive track on the EP as they abandon the schizophrenia of the rest of the EP to just follow one train of thought. Ella’s vocals lead the track; coming on a long way since the Chess split 7” she weaves the wandering wistful refrain of ‘Cinnamon Away’’ between the cluttered riffs with boisterous rasps and near full on operatics that mimic the disjointed rhythms. Closer, ‘Organ Black’, keeps the same soundscape as Ella’s choral chimes of ‘iodine rive’” gloss over the two tone beats. Like a colouring book full of a splay of jumbled dots, Julian takes in an array of influences and sounds, but Fresh Legs have the insight to make it into one complete picture. Photobucket