Label: Secretly Canadian Release Date: Out Now! Website: Word by: Stephanie It’s not like in my russian days when my brains shot with wit and style But the bars are ours and my heart is yours and our love is a flower and a running horse – Oh Shanghai, Silence Is Wild Where do I begin but to say that I might just pass the booklet of lyrics onto my Russian and Polish Literature professors.... The album is bittersweet, either you love it or it's just not exactly your cup of tea. You literally get the best of both worlds with Silence Is Wild: you enjoy it musically, but more so in its lyrical poetics. So, rather than reviewing the musical qualities, I believe the best way to really appreciate and understand what this album is about is to merely have a quick glimpse into some of the lyrics. Frida doesn't shy away from the truths of relationships, marriage, love....With confidence she confronts issues where neither sex, nor gender stereotyping, nor abortion (Track 8, 'December') escapes her songwriting whims in her sophomore album. Coming from the fertile land of Sweden, Frida Hyvönen is a piano based songwriter with “a passionate bite and a voice like an icicle that cuts deep.” Her voice dominates. Loud and boisterous in London!, uninhibited and full of spirit in Scandinavian Blonde, and taxed with calm urgency in My Cousin: I am absurd enough to ask you: if we were the marrying kind would it be my hand you'd ask for? Would you be the dad of the children I most likely won't have? Is that how much you like me or is it not even close? I know my question doesn't make sense at all since we live outside the realms of yes and no ... but right now somehow I need I need to know. The vivid instrumentation of the piano beautifully harmonizes Frida’s vociferous and powerful voice, and inevitably makes it easy for us listeners to get swept away and forget about the earnest themes expressed with comedic effects and charm. The words alone can take you on a journey into a whirlwind of intellectual pondering and contemplation: The things living in the world: you divide them in three It’s the light, it’s the dark, It’s what comes in between My love, I’m afraid we belong to the latter Destined to dwell In the midst of all matter Days are like islands and nights are like oceans Fortune and fame come and go with the tide As does virtue and vice And love and denial And regret And here we dance All stiff and athletic Over us the moon Surrounded with stars The consequent ascetic Stand out so young so fresh and modern Next to the fading glory Of all things living ... - Sic Transit Gloria I admit, this is not an easy album to automatically fall head over heels with for the reason that it takes time to break in and sink comfortably into your skin. And though ironically sounding light, playful, and melancholic on the surface with its piano melodies, some may never be at ease while listening to the skeptics of her lyrics, where the most black-and-white topics about life become destabilized and you start to question what exactly Frida is getting at behind the literal metaphors. There are continual shifts between awkwardness and grace, combining grandiloquent piano pop with an intimacy, and Frida shamelessly and bluntly shares her opinions on human nature and its salvaged qualities of dark humour and unique tension. Shane Shapiro ( puts things exquisitely into perfection and nicely ties up the loose ends: "Silence Is Wild is heart wrenching, brutally honest...It is forceful, confident and mature. Hyvönen chuckles from time to time, but from casual sex to terminating pregnancies, urban trepidation to the fear of feeling foreign, she sings with ardor, knowing full well that in every laugh or sob she is pouring everything she has into the open." 7/10