Happy birthday Late Night Tales! No doubt the Friendly Fires boys will throw you a cracking 30th soiree; full of cake and carnal revelry, to distract you from the fact that not even the death of Woolworth's could bring an end to Now That's What I Call Music's reign of terror. Possibly the only residents of St Albans that can get away with owning maracas, Ed, Edd and Jack are bringing the party... so come round, we've got cocktail sausages, jelly and Benedict Cumberbatch.

It would be wise to not profess love for Junior Boys in a public place for fear of garnering some very strange looks, but 'Under The Sun' may make all the raised eyebrows worth it. The brooding bass and repetition bring to mind the seedy underbelly of a Berlin nightclub. Dropping your surname is oh so mysterious of Renée, a woman that sings like Heart Of Glass era Debbie Harry singing Vogue by Madonna whilst wearing MC Hammer pants. I can confirm that did just happen.

'Love Vibration' is a disco homage to getting it on, no doubt the perfect song accompaniment for Ed Macfarlane's now signature 'giving birth to a baby' dance move. Iron Galaxy are a teensy bit marvellous aren't they? I can guarantee that if you dropped 'Attention Seeker' at a party in the wee hours of the morning, even the guy passed out the corner would get back up to throw some shapes. Alt neon hop needs to be a genre, purely for tracks like this.

Mightily masked behemoths SBTRKT have changed the game. What those guys can do with a sample and a tribal headdress is slim to none, utilising the vocal talents of Sampha, 'Hold On' still sounds so fresh. The xylophone pings revive the summer just gone whilst at the same time making it snow. DJ Sprinkles? The phrase don't judge a book by its cover springs to mind, and while the track is pretty blissed out, the name DJ Sprinkles is impossible for me to get over.

'Endless Shore' by Melody's Echo Chamber marks the end of the disco, everyone's gone home and the cleanup has begun. Drench yourself in some wonderful lo-fi fuzzy music for a fuzzy head and you'll feel all the better for it. Cocteau Twins are great. There's no two ways about it, 'Cherry-Coloured Funk' is an antithesis of itself, simple yet complex in how it's been constructed. Remember Grease? That film about leather jackets and about five truckloads more than is healthy of brylcream? Well it turns out that Olivia Newton-John can actually sing a little bit. 'Love Song' isn't bad, but in the same respect it's not great either, and to be honest it's also a total buzz kill not cool Sandy, go back to High School.

Why are the ends of records always depressing? Nils Frahm needs something happy like the Great British Bake Off or Come Dine With Me in his life. But as melancholic as 'Over There, It's Raining' is, there is beauty in the sadness and romance in the pain. If you thought Friendly Fires had played their trump card already, you would be wrong. Is there a more soothing voice than the dulcet tones of Sherlock Holmes himself; Mr Benedict Cumberbatch? 'Flat Of Angles Part 1' will make you wish Benedict was the voice inside your head.